Do you believe in the extraordinary?

After you see her, you'll never be the same

Mythand reality

A radiant universe guarded by sun goddess. A mysterious woman with positive, generous energy. Surrounded by a halo of light, divinity in turn radiates her optimism and serenity. A unique perfume has been born from Thierry Mugler's vision, a sacred talisman alive with this generous aura. A luminous creation that reveals the radiance and splendor of every woman.


A revelation... Alien. Five letters that represent an otherworldly being rich in differences. These letters could also be those of a woman's first name, one that raises questions before reassuring and exalting. The unknown and the power of attraction come together to birth strong emotion.


The campaign

A new chapter

After making her appearance, this sun goddess is awakened to light. Divinity receives this positive energy, life itself, and feels it within before bestowing it on others graciously. The new Alien campaign perfectly depicts this inner and outer radiance. With it, we experience the shimmering golds and exploding colors of Castello di Sammezzano under the warm Tuscan sun. It reveals a white dress veiled in gold, woven from LED lights and optical fibers. Simply radiant.

The Experience

The Godess's Palace is now open for you to go on an interactive and immersive quest of puzzles and riddles. Explore the mysteries at the touch of a finger.


story board
story board
story board


story board
story board
story board

The parfum and itsrevelations

Radiant, mysterious and comforting,
the fragrance yields multiple revelations,
three in all, which are united by the same brightness and sensuality.
The fragrant expression of radiance and splendor.

  • Floral revelation Radiant Sambac jasmine. Under the Indian sun, its petals are fragrant with green and honey notes. Sunny and warm, it encompasses the full radiance of feminine beauty.
  • Woody revelation Mysterious Cashmeran wood. An intriguing and magnetic scent which draws us towards another world.
  • Amber revelation A modern interpretation of white amber. Warm, soft and precious, it reveals an intense, enveloping and comforting aroma.

The TalismanBottle

Alien is a radiant fragrance, and its deep purple-hued glass bottle reflects this character. Its bottle is designed to mimic an amethyst with magical attributes, a precious gem that symbolizes femininity and refinement, whose vibrations are said to have beneficial virtues. A sacred talisman with enigmatic language that is alive with intense energy and physical attraction.



The Alien bottle becomes a good luck charm in the hands of the wearer. Now women never have to part with their extraordinary bottles. Inspired by perfume fountains of old, Thierry Mugler has created the Source for refilling at Mugler counters, as well as eco-refills for refilling their “precious Alien stones” at home. The legend has now become eternal.

Discover the Source
Discover Eco-Refills
Luxury According to Mugler

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