a visionary designer

Monsieur MUGLER appeared on the fashion scene in 1973.

A true visionary, he revolutionized the fashion world imbuing everything he touched with a sense of excess, precision and freedom that continues to shape the brand today. Blurring the borders between reality and fantasy, his imagination and know-how are unlimited.

This is what makes MUGLER such a singular brand.

Inspired by ballet, architecture, photography and art, MUGLER’s personality is unique. From the genius of its fragrances, started in 1992 with Angel, to the craftsmanship and creativity of its designer, Casey Cadwallader, who has captured the MUGLER essence so perfectly, MUGLER continues to boldly drive into the future, united through fashion and fragrance.

Uniting dualities, the world of MUGLER under the creative direction of Casey Cadwallader is a laboratory for change. Harnessing the transformative spirit of the house founder, MUGLER stands for a forward-thinking and disruptive approach to fashion through the lens of culture.

An eloquent exchange of fashion and fragrance with the disciplines of art, industrial design, architecture and technology inform the vocabulary of the house, just as they affect our collective human experience every day. MUGLER will explore a progressive and diverse vision of femininity, acknowledging the dynamic reality of our daily lives and the clothes we need to elevate them. By broadening the offer into a complete daywear wardrobe, the MUGLER silhouette evolves to enable freedom and power through a new ease and fluidity. Innovation will marry cutting-edge R&D with ‘old-tech’, in the understanding that traditional craft may be translated into new and contemporary creations.

Elements of underground culture and humor will be used to subvert the codes of Parisian ‘haute couture’, democratizing the idea of fashion as a platform for personal transformation and individuality.

a visionary perfumer

In the world of perfumery, MUGLER is the creator of avant-garde fragrances with highly addictive powers.

Clearing paths down which no one has dared to venture, cultivating the exceptional with a unique sense of the outrageous, MUGLER fragrances are unparalleled and instantly identifiable as Angel, Alien, and Aura. These creations are marked by an indulgence of powerful, contrasting notes, artfully dosed to strike a perfect balance. These fragrances captivate, with a perfect alchemy of the finest natural ingredients paired with high tech synthetic notes selected for their trailblazing creativity. The harmony of these notes is orchestrated with the artful mastery of fine olfactory savoir-faire and the desire to create something utterly new. The MUGLER harmony is born of brilliantly dosed and orchestrated contrasts. This creative process is made possible by allowing time for creation. And so, the first Oriental Gourmand fragrance in the history of perfumery was created: Angel, a pure and indulgent fragrance that transforms women.

Each fragrance unveils new facets of their personality. A radiant perfume, Alien reveals the goddess within each one of us. An instinctive fragrance, Aura MUGLER invites you to reconnect with your senses. Unique masculine creations, Alien Man embodies a positive, elegant masculinity while A*Men brings to life the contemporary male hero every man aspires to be.

The harmony of MUGLER is born from its contrasts.


Artists in their own right, recognized for their know-how, these talented perfumers are a vital part of the creative process.

They must understand the olfactory vision and share the brand's passion for rare, ground-breaking fragrances that revel in contrast. Together with the team of MUGLER experts, they strive to invent and innovate to create surprise and stimulate interest.

Their obsession for perfection and precious ingredients leads to "Haute Perfumery" creations.

A name,
a signature bottle,
a fragrance,
a story

There are many stars in the MUGLER galaxy, and each one has contributed to renewing the world of perfume: Angel, Alien, A*Men, Aura MUGLER and Alien Man are all unique creations.

Nothing is left to chance. Weaving together dreams and reality, every MUGLER perfume has its own distinct narrative that connects all the elements – its name, fragrance, colour and bottle – in a way that stirs our imagination.

Each MUGLER bottle is carved from its own story and reflects the unique character of the fragrance it holds. Whether the star bottle of Angel faceted like a diamond, the amethyst-inspired talisman bottle of Alien, the shimmering heart gem of Aura MUGLER, or the virile flask of A*Men, they are all trailblazers whose extraordinary design and complex fabrication have shaken up the universe and the codes of perfumery. To the delight of MUGLER fragrance aficionados, these gems are to be treasured for eternity: as if by miracle, they can be refilled at the MUGLER Fountain, a “perfume fountain” exclusive to the brand. Crafted with common sense in mind, these bottles are much more than just beautiful objects: they are environmentally-friendly and economical.