How to choose the right fragrance for women ?

Choosing a fragrance based on your personality is a cross between finding a favorite and searching for elegance. Looking for something that develops upon contact with the skin or leaves behind an unforgettable trail?
Do you want floral aromas or a woody scent?

As a creator of strong and bold fragrances, MUGLER is here to teach you about olfactory families, to perfect your signature and assert your personality.

Oriental perfumes,
for strong women of character

An invitation to travel and to assert oneself, oriental scents make up one of the largest fragrance families in modern perfumery. By definition, an oriental fragrance is powerful, warm, spicy or floral, vanilla or woody. An oriental scent is treasured like a luxurious velvet coat and settles on the skin like a sleek satin dress. With its layering of fine raw materials, such as tiger liana, bourbon vanilla, or Wolfwood©, AURA MUGLER perfume masterfully reinvents this historical fragrance family, developing a deeper animalistic nature. An instinctive fragrant trail for strong women of character.

Gourmand perfumes,
for bold women

Often paired with sweet scents or oriental trails for more punch, the Gourmand fragrance family is an invitation to sensuality and beyond. A gourmand fragrance both captures and captivates. Opulent and sophisticated, a Gourmand scent stands out in a crowd: you will never go unnoticed. A blend of indulgent praline (ethyl maltol) and patchouli over a vanilla base, Angel is perfect for women who want to leave their mark behind.

Woody Amber perfumes,
for elegant women

Amber fragrances veil women in a shroud of mystery. An amber accord is an olfactory construction that can be interpreted and combined in thousands of ways: its warm notes, balsamic inflections, and oriental facets unveil the sophistication of your fragrant signature. A luminous scent par excellence, Alien Eau de Parfum alternately reveals radiant notes of Sambac jasmine and mysterious notes of Cashmeran wood, with an enveloping finish of indulgent white amber, musky and soft like white mohair. The perfect combination of amber, woody, and floral aromas.

Floral perfumes,
for women who want to shine

Flowers dominate classic perfumery with a certain joy, like a metaphor for radiant femininity, in the image of large bouquets one gives to their beloved. The creator of avant-garde fragrances, MUGLER researches the most precious flowers to accentuate its creations – and the women who wear them – like pops of radiance and light. Extraordinary and exceptionally rare, the “Queen of the Night” cactus flower, found in Alien Flora Futura, reveals an opulent and particularly addictive white florality. For Angel Eau de Toilette, a bouquet of white peonies combined with tangy mandarin creates a clean, gourmand, and floral fragrance all at once.

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Choosing a fragrance: Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette ?

Choosing a fragrance: Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette ?

Deciding whether to get an Eau de Parfum or an Eau de Toilette is a highly personal affair. They are to your skin what love is to your heart – everything depends on desire, feelings, the moment.

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