In the MUGLER universe, there's a gift for everyone.

This year, in your quest for the perfect gift, the Maison is designing a Christmas wonderland which is more enchanted than ever. Streets transformed by the magic of MUGLER and iconic fragrances which light up their window displays.


She is strong. Bold. Elegant. She is sensual. A dreamer. She is extraordinary... She is a mother. A sister. A partner. A friend...MUGLER has created fragrances for every kind of woman. For the festive season, MUGLER invites you to stroll through its wonderful streets to find her the perfect gift.

Angel ? The shining star. Both indulgent and sensual, intimate and intense, ideal for the modern woman.

Alien, reveals a divine force. With amber, woody and floral notes, this is the fragrance for an extraordinary and radiant woman.

Aura Mugler ? A floral abundance combined with feline sensuality, for a strong woman guided by her instinct.

Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum, or in travel size... The Maison’s iconic creations are available in a range of new products to fulfill every desire of a MUGLER woman. Discover them and all the MUGLER fragrances for endless gift ideas.


In the same streets illuminated by the magic of MUGLER, the fragrances for men shine brightly, dispersing their intense and virile scents far and wide. Which fragrance would you choose for your father, brother or loved one?

Inspired by a gentleman’s hip flask and shaped like a star to reveal the essence of a hero and his internal force, A*Men is the fragrance of a daring man who is both modern and futuristic, leaving a trail of fiery and toasted notes behind him. A step further, radiance resplendent with the strength and serenity of a demigod, that yields the masculine Alien Man. A modern leather, assertive and addictive by nature is ideal for any man ready to leave a sophisticated trail of fragrance behind him.



More than fragrances alone, offer the MUGLER experience. This year, the Maison has created gift sets which are as magical as the universe they find themselves within. Discover them and complete your gift with a range of products dedicated to each fragrance, for more power, sensuality and boldness every day.



This year, MUGLER invites you to exceed expectations. To dare to surprise. To offer a gift that transcends genres. Which triggers the addiction. Les Exceptions revisit the great archetypes of high perfumery and offers unique and bold fragrances, which stir up trouble and celebrate olfactory innovation.


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Emilia Clarke wears MUGLER

Emilia Clarke wears MUGLER

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