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The new Alien chapter reveals a femininity more spectacular than ever before. Amber, woody and floral, the iconic fragrance reveals a divine force.

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Alien perfume

A new story unfolds at the heart of the Alien extraordinary Solar Universe, with the introduction of Alien Fusion. The iconic Alien talisman bottle vibrates with a new hue, more flamboyant than ever. The deep amethyst gives way to a new intense shade of red to evoke the fusion of a hot and fiery sun. Alien Fusion is an oriental and floral fragrance, a fusion of spicy ginger and cinnamon, tuberose essence, orange blossom and a comforting mix of vanilla and white amber.

Discover Alien Fusion
Alien perfume


Alien resonates as an invitation to go on a journey: mysterious, captivating, and benevolent... Alien reveals the light within you. A radiant, vivacious, and intensely enveloping fragrance, it radiates positive energy. Alien leads us towards multiple infinities and gives us a new dawn, brighter than ever.

The Alien Eau de Parfum bottle was designed to be a talisman charged with Mother Nature’s energy, a precious stone with secret powers.

Angel Muse perfume
Alien perfume


Cut like an emerald, set in gold like a diamond, the amethyst-colored bottle unleashes an extraordinary, soothing burst of radiance. Alien, an innately strange name, is engraved on the glass in its own alphabet and is therefore inexpressible. A mystical, timeless bottle; an eternal, precious stone.

The simplicity of the MUGLER Fountain and the Eco-Refill bottles allows you to rediscover your perfume and to breathe new life into your bottle.


At MUGLER, our bottles are designed for infinite use*. Treasure this unique object and support responsible luxury by refilling your bottle at the MUGLER Source or refilling it at home with our Eco-Refill bottles. *Excluding Limited Editions and non-refillable bottles.

Alien perfume



The Alien line perpetuates the perfuming ritual with a range of body products, a chance for women to reveal their radiance and every last drop of femininity. The Moisturizing Shower Milk, Beautifying Body Cream, Beautifying Body Lotion, Beautifying Hair Mist and Radiant Deodorant Spray. Our body lotion and body cream are formulated with our innovative Beautifying Complex to instantly beautify the skin and deliver intense hydration and a long-lasting perfume.